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R J Specialist Coatings

Magnolia House, 51, Owers Place

High Roding 
Great Dunmow

Essex CM6 1DF


Specialist concrete repairs and protective external membranes and coatings.

Building Maintenance & Refurbishment

Specialist Applicators of liquid weatherproofing membranes for treatment to leaking flat roof areas, balconies, and walls.

Weatherproofing solutions for all roofing areas.

Welcome to R J Specialist Coatings!

As R J Specialist Coatings, we offer you extensive services around your property. We'll be happy to provide consultation and recommendations for finishes on projects, and our competence guarantees that we'll come up to standard. Estimates are supplied free of any cost to yourselves.

As an experienced company, of 40 plus years, we perform work reliably, at fair conditions and on time. Whether for interiors or exteriors, R J Specialist Coatings is your dependable partner! We look forward to giving your building a new, protected, and fresh look. Check out our services on our new webpage.

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